Well, we’re into February now, and you’ve actually kept your News Year’s resolution to lose some weight. Good for you! But no you have a problem… Your pants are falling off your waist now. Maybe your shirts don’t fit well because now they’re too big as well. But instead of having to run out and get new dress clothes, your Las Vegas tailor can have you looking good and save you a lot of money!

It’s not cheap looking good or having clothes for professional job. After all, even at department store prices, you’re looking at least $25 for a pair of “value” slacks. Same for shirts. Higher end labels start at $60 and go up from there. A low end suit including pants and coat will set you back around $120. And expect to pay more, and I mean something like five to ten times as much for high end designer clothes. Do you really have that kind of money to throw away on a new wardrobe?

But George can come to the rescue, and save you the cost of new with his mastery of the cloth and stitch. You see, at Georges Tailoring, those pants that you’re currently swimming in and have to belt up can have the waist taken up for a lot less than the cost of a new pair of “value” slacks. If your shirts now resemble sails more than professional clothing, they can be taken is as well for less than the price of new.

And maybe the best part of taking your current wardrobe to the mater tailor in Las Vegas is that as you stay on track with your resolution to finally drop those pounds and inches, Georges tailoring will continue to be there and take those clothes in as you take up less space. And again, all of this adds up to a savings of money since you don’t have to go out and buy new clothes. Don’t think that such a savings is confined to the men, however. As a Las Vegas master tailor, George’s Tailoring can do the same for the ladies. Slacks, pant suits, blouses, and even dresses can all be tailored to fit your new found slimmer frame, and all for considerably less than having to go out and buy new clothes that fit.

But beyond the savings of money is the fact that you will look better in your dress and professional clothing, and this can carry other benefits beyond mere money. Perhaps you might get that promotion you’ve been seeking, or start closing more deals. After all, looking good and feeling confident go hand in hand.

So, congratulations on sticking to your resolution, eating better, and hitting the gym. Now you know where to go when those inches start to drop off your frame as well, and that is the master Tailor Las Vegas. With his expertise, you can look great, and save yourself a lot of money in the process!